Wrong policies of PML-N Govt adding in miseries of people: Amjid Khan

LONDON: People of Pakistan are fighting on different fronts at a time and every day a new crisis is raising head due to wrong policies of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Government, said Amjad Khan, President Labour Wing of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Britain and Director of UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In spite of providing people any relief from these increasing crisis, the Punjab Government and its contractors are busy to benefit their family members and what will be the fate of country under these circumstances, Amjid said, adding in Presence of Punjab Government the province witnessed the height of religious intolerance, sectarian clashes and killings of innocent people.
In few days killing of religious scholar Shamsur Rehman and Shia leader Allama Nasir Abbas is a question mark and a shame on Punjab Government and Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and they have to resign over this failure of providing security to people, Amjad Khan said, adding that in past allegations were leveled against Rana Sanaullah and he has admitted that single group is responsible for killing Sunni and Shia leaders.
PTI Leader said under such circumstance when people have lost their hope, PTI chief Imran Khan is only hope for people and he along with his team is capable to bail out country from the crisis. He said dialogue is only solution of terrorism, extremism, sectarian clashes and all other ills and Imran Khan is saying to resolve these issue by entering in dialogue process.
He appealed people of Pakistan to save the country and remove the shakles of slavery, strengthen the hands of Imran Khan.