Need to find who is behind AG statement: Sajjad Karim

ROCHDALE:¬† Chairman, Friends of Pakistan in European Parliament, Sajjad Karim has said that Pakistani community in Britain should not keep his attention on statement and apology of Britain’s Attorney General Dominic Grieve, but to keep a vigil on the aspects which forced the Attorney General to give such statement.
Sajjad Karim was addressing public contact move, at residence of renowned community leader and social and political personality Numberdar Haji Chaudhry Pahalwan in North-west.
Addressing the community members, Sajad karim MEP said that it is point of concern and to think till last as why AG made such statement and my community should keep in mind that which forces are against Pakistan and Pakistanis.
Sajjad Karim talked on his ten years in European Parliament and his role he played for community, particularly the success he gained for attaining GSP Plus status for Pakistan, saying that under this scheme Pakistan’s economy will get a big boost and stability, besides hundreds of thousands people get jobs.
The participants expressed satisfaction over the apology tendered by Attorney General over his statement due to protest Sajjad Karim hold saying that it is point of happiness that entire community is vocal over its prestige.
The host Numberdar Haji Chaudhry Pahalwan and other participants of the meeting reaffirmed pledge to vote for Sajjad Karim to send him third time in European  Parliament in 2014 elections.

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