Welfare of humanity lies in following Holy Prophet’s teachings: Peer Shabir

ROCHDALE: The personality of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a blessing for entire universe from beginning to end and success of entire universe lies in love for Him and following the teachings of last Prophet of Allah.

This was stated by Peer Syed Muhammad Shabir Ali Shah Gilani, ‘Sajada Nasheen’ caretaker of Shrine Chora Sharif while addressing the Eid Miladun Nabi function held at Jamia Haidria Rochdale.

Shabir Gilani said it is recorded in the history people have presented different systems and called it best system for the welfare of humanity and communism is big example for it. But world has watched the problems these mad-made system created for the human beings round the globe and then these systems collapsed, he said.

Islam is a complete way of life and a guide line for humanity bestowed by Allah Almighty more than 1400 years back, Peer Shabir said, adding this system send by deity for the welfare of humanity will continue till lasting world.

He said ‘Deen Islam’ is Panacea for entire humanity and it provides solution to every problem in every time and till lasting world it will prove a guide for humanity.

Peer Shabir said the birth of Holy Prophet PBUH has tarnished the darkness, illiteracy and superstitiousness, and give knowledge of peace, love and brotherhood to humanity, which is enough to guide the humanity.

Mufti Muneeruz Zaman Chishti said the preaching of Islam not ended with Holy Prophet PBUH, but it is continue and will remain continue by Ulema, Mashaikh, Saints and religious scholars.

Mufti Abdul Rahim Mujadadi Eid Miladun Nabi is a great day in human history when slavery, exploitation and suppression of humanity ended.

Moulana Siddiq Kausar said the love of Holy Prophet PBUH will not be snatched from Muslims by any power of world.

Moulana Muhammad Yaseen said the Miladun Nabi processions and functions are best way for preaching of Islam.

Tributes were paid to Holy Prophet PBUH by Khalifa Muhammad Rafiq, Qari Abdul Majid, Qari Arshad Mehmood Mujadadi and Qari Bashir Bazmi.