Welcome 2014: thousands immigrants flock from Bulgaria, Romania

LUTON: At a time when people were returning to their homes after hectic celebrations of New Year, thousands of immigrants were entering the Britain from Bulgaria and Romania.

It is worth to mention here that Britain had imposed ban on immigration on these two countries n 2005, which was lifted on December 31, 2013 after an agreement with European Union.

Keith War MP, Chairman Home Office Select Committee welcomed the immigrants from these two countries at Luton.

Conservative Party is facing resistance from over 90 senior most Parliamentarians over lifting the ban on immigration, who have raised the issue in Parliament and asked the Government not to allow immigrants to enter Britain.

The Home Office stated that Government wants to take benefit from every chance it would avail for strengthening the country’s economy. The immigrants from these countries are hardworking and prove beneficial for Britain.

The Recruitment Agencies are providing advice to immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania as when they enter Britain after January 1, how they can exploit the benefits system of the country for their sake..

British media revealed the recruitment agencies are active to provide know-how to immigrants from Bulgaria, the poorest country in Europe as hw they can exploit the generous social security system of the country.

Today thousands of immigrants entered in Britain from Bulgaria and Romania while the bus terminal in Sofia, Bulgarian capital is under heavy rush of immigrants and all buses coming London are in advance booked till January 9 and the youth has already paid the fare of busses as 110 pounds er head,