We must obey Quaid e Azam sayings to rise: Ch Ishtiaq

Slough: Our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah had warned us that we can’t survive without hard work, discipline and unity but we have unfortunately forgot his lessons that why our beloved country Pakistan had been facing difficulties from in and out. These sentiments were expressed by the speakers of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s 137th birth anniversary event celebrated by Overseas Pakistan Lovers OPL at Slough.

Under the banner of OPL People from various walks of life have paid homage to the founder of Pakistan and they have chalked out programs to mark the day across the world specially in UK and Spain.

Chairman OPL Ch Ishtiaq said there is need to follow the path of Quaid-e-Azam and to adhere to the principles of unity, faith and discipline.

Others speakers said commemoration of birth anniversary of the Quaid is an occasion for all of us to rejoice and to reaffirm commitment to rule of law that was upheld by our great leader throughout his life. Pakistan gave us everything we wished for and now it is our turn and duty to pay back whatever we can do to a great land of our forefathers and new generations.

Dedicated work and selfless service for the greater glory of the country could be the most befitting tribute to the Quaid. they added.

General Secretary Haji M Arif & President PWA ,Haji Shakeel Ahmed businessman from Paris ,Cllr Shafiq chaudhry deputy Mayor of Slough, Raja M Sheraz Sr. Vice President PWA, Ch Asghar Ali, Ch M Khalid, Raja Laiqat Ali ,Irfan Ali, Ch Qamar, Raja Shabeer Narvi, Sajid Janjua and others participated in this event.