WCOP stands for Love with 8 million Pakistanis in 144 Countries

LONDON: Love has no bonds and boundaries and it is not dependable to any color, creed, language or religion to spread its fragrance, while it can not be limited in time and no one can change the nature of love.
These were the sentiments of participants of Christmas Dinner hosted by World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis (WCOP) at Methodist Hall London, which was attended by people belonging to all religions.
Co Chairman (WCOP) Syed Qamar Raza, President Naheed Randhawa, General Secretary Majid Ismael and their friends particularly behind the scene Dr Arif Malik, has arranged inter-faith gathering on the occasion of Christmas, which was attended by people from all religion participated and gave a message of peace and love across the world.
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, first British Muslim Woman Minister said that the gone are the days when people were thinking the civilizations cannot enrich in Britain. “In young age I along with sisters was waiting for Santa on Christmas, but Santa never came our home and my elder sister in frustration broke the fire-pot one year, but later the day was remembered due to birth-anniversary of Quaid e Azam”, Warsi said.
She said the time was very difficult, but the atmosphere of justice, fraternity and brotherhood have made ways easy and many people like me have created a space in the society and today all those have an identity.
Islamo-phobia is also part of extremism and if the moderate and middle-way will not be adopted it will fan extremism, Warsi said, adding it is law of nature that every hard thing will break not bound.
To eradicate intolerance, create a better social system and remove fear from the hearts of people, all religion have to take steps to spread message of love, peace and brotherhood, Warsi maintained.
The importance of interfaith has increased to end intolerance, she urged, adding it is need of hour that everyone rise without keeping in consideration the sectarianism.
She said Islam is religion of love, peace and brotherhood and it always teaches its followers to help any needy without any discrimination of religion, color, creed and region.
Attack on Church in Pakistan is not attack on Christian community but it is an attempt to frustrate the unity and it is important to stand against these elements who want to create a gulf between religions.
Speaking on the occasion Co-Chairman, World Congress of Overseas Pakistanis, Syed Qamar Raza said the entire fraternity of faiths and peace mongers are here together, and on my own behalf extend a very hearty vote of thanks to all speakers for gracing your presence and sharing your thoughts on the biggest festive event of the world. He said that his organization stands for more than 8 million Pakistanis in the 144 countries of the world, constituting the 7th largest diaspora of the world and it exists to empower the Overseas Pakistanis and build bridges of understanding and cohesion in their respective lands of adoption, Pakistanis make excellent doctors, engineers, scientists, fashion designers, musicians, sportsmen, community leaders and entrepreneurs, while British Pakistanis are almost twice more entrepreneurial than the native British and other nationalities in the UK, Qamar said.
Pakistan and Pakistanis are much more than the negative stereotypes and myths associated with them, he said, adding the personal contact happens to be the biggest mode of smashing these stereotypes, he said.
“That’s why we invited you to this Christmas Dinner so that we get in touch and you could see it for yourself what British Pakistanis stand for. I would quote the great Dr. Martin Luther King who said, ‘Most of the stereotypes are borne out of distance. We don’t know each other so we feed ourselves the garbage cooked by media and negative stories. That’s how we build the invisible walls around ourselves and get further isolated. The power of human touch and connection must not be underestimated. We all have to learn to live together or perish like fools’ For centuries”,
Christians and Muslims have lived together and shared the same challenges and hopes in many parts of the world, in the Middle East, in South East Asia, in parts of Africa and in Andalusia (Spain), he said.
Christmas is celebrated with fervor in Pakistan and this event has been hosted by Pakistanis of all faiths and beliefs and those who want to support WCOP are most welcome to join us, Qamar said.

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