Ready to serve overseas as leadership directs: Zubair Gull

LONDON: To serve the overseas community, which is residing far away from motherland having unparallal love and affection with country and eager to strengthen it, is my mission and cherished goal, said Zubair Gul, President Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Britain.
He was addressing a function organized by PML-N Britian to celebrate the Birth Anniversary of father of the nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and 64th Birthday of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Members of Pakistan and Kashmir community took part inĀ  the function with spirit and fervor and cakes were cut by people. The function was addressed besides Ansar Chaudhry, President PML-N Lawyers Wing Britain, Shakoor Khan,Dr Anjum, Nazir Butt MPA, Shakir Qureshi, Mian Sarwar Saeed, Anjum Chaudhry, Malik Riaz, Ijaz Gul, Begum Nawadar, Chaudhry Bashir MPA, Wilayat Khokhar MPA, Councillor Afzal Akram, Nitasha Sheikh and Qaiser Raza.
“I am still waiting for the order of my leadership and what will be their order i obey and in which capacity they said I will serve overseas community. What I did in previous government of Shahbaz Sharif upto Punjab level, was transparent and no one can prove corruption of a single penny or any nepotism in my work”, Gul said.
Paying glowing tributes to Quaid e Azam, Gul said a visionary leader like Quaid e Azam is taking birth in centuries and today entire nation needs to united on the principles of Quaid and serve Pakistan at this hour of need.
“Nawaz Sharif is only person who became prime minister for third time having a spirit to bail out Pakistan from current situation and take it to new horizons”, he said, adding Nawaz Sharif is powered by Islamic guideline and principles of Quaide Azam and it is sure when politics in Pakistan will be as per guideline set by Quaid e Azam country will be strong and stable.
“December 25, on one side is birthday of Quaid e Azam and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while on the other hand it is birthday if Hazrat Essa (Prophet Jesus) and we all Muslims greet our Christian community a happy Christmas and we believe on Jesus and a Muslim cannot be a true Muslim until he accept Jesus as Prophet”, Zubair Gul said.
Talking on baselss criticize by a media group, Gul said people should remember when I travelled to Pakistan along with Shahbaz Sharif without having a fear of death. “I am not saying to write critically but it should be right and if not then please research before you bring it to public”, he said. He said he knows why few people did it and entered in mud slinging, because he is calling Lord Nazir Ahmed, a respected community leader as his elder brother. “Lord Nazir, Baroness Saeeda Warisi have great service for Pakistan and we should respect their services for Pakistan and have not to mix personal liking and disliking with national interest”, he added.
Addressing the gathering Ansar Chaudhry, President PML-N Lawyers Wing Britain said people of Pakistan have now turned sane and they are well aware of the people who took vote on the name of youth and failed to do something for youth, while PML-N has provided young generation a chance to stand upon and serve the nation after becoming strong. PML-N government has initiated youth lons scheme which will change the destination of country when youth will enter in lime light by starting business, he added.
Addressing the gathering all PML-N leaders paid glowing tributes to Quaid e Azam and Mian Nawaz Sharif and they also assured full cupport and cooperation to Zubair Gul.