Vicious Propaganda against Pakistan on rise, Baleegh

BIRMINGHAM: By accepting each-others mandate will create sense of solidarity and responsibility among politicians and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has practically shown this gesture by respecting the mandate of Tehreek Insaf in Khyber Pakhtumkhwa, local politicians in Balochistan and Peoples’ Party in Sindh and AJK, said Engineer Baleegh ur Rehman, Federal Minister of State for Education.

“Vicious propaganda against Pakistan is on rise and it is responsibility of every Pakistani use efforts to counter this propaganda”, Baleegh ur Rehman said while addressing a reception hosted in his honor at Pakistan Consulate office at Birmingham.

The reception was hosted by Consulate General Sher Bahadur Khan and arranged by Consulate Muhammad Faisal Abrro and his staff in a very short notice. The reception was addressed by Education Attaché Ziauddin Yusufzai, father of Malala Yusufzai, Lord Mayor Councilor Shafiq Shah, President PML-N Britain Zubair Gul, Councilor Chaudhry Afzal Khan, Candidate for European Parliament Councilor Ansar Ali Khan, Chairman Quaid e Azam Trust Raja Muhammad Ishtiaq, Kashmir Foundation leader Shahzad Iqbal and Chaudhry Abdul Rasheed.

There was representation of community in the reception while renowned community leaders Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Ishtiaq, Chaudhry Akram, Khwaja Sahib, Chaudhry Saeed, Mehmood Ahmed and others were present in the reception.

Addressing the gathering Engineer Baleegh ur Rehman said Pakistan is facing multi-faceted problems and present government is making efforts to bail out country from the crisis. Present Government took energy crisis on war footing basis to give people better living, he added.

“From first day we have inherited the crisis like energy Crisis, derailed economy, Unemployment, price-hike and above all terrorism, there is not any single issue by resolving this things will be good”, he said, adding the team sit together and devised strategy to bail out country from this situation.

“We took into confidence, provinces, Parliament and Opposition and Nawaz Sharif hold Cabinet meeting in Sindh to start operation against the terrorism and Chief Minister Sindh was made in charge”, he said.

The Minister said in a very short span of time Prime Minster signed 23 agreements with China, which will be a big break-through for Pakistan’s economy.

He made it clear the previous Government by hiring expensive plants has caused huge dent to country. “We have moved towards hydro power and coal the cheap energy and fixed targets to move whole power sector towards coal and hydro power generation”, he added.

He said Nawaz Sharif has ensured nation to provide cheaper energy and for this purpose efforts were geared up and Neelum Jhelum Power Project which was to be completed by 2025, but present government picked up speed and it will be ready by 2016.

He stressed the need of a single curriculum in the country so that it will create solidarity and unity in the nation. He said PML-N has always stood for merit and against corruption and nepotism, 80,000 teachers were appointed in Punjab all on merit.

He assured the overseas community in Britain he will raise their issues with concerned people. “You told me about your problems related to Gerry’s FedEx, NADRA, Machine Readable Passport, Consulate building and some other problems, I assure you these problems will be resolve”, he added.

He said no one can forget the overseas Pakistanis as they are asset for country and are feeding country’s economy by sending their hard earned money as foreign exchange.

He said it is value and regard of overseas Pakistanis that a representative was appointed as Governor of largest province.

Earlier the Consulate Genera Sher Bahadur introduced the Minister with audience with enthusiasm and in his address he said Birmingham is second biggest city after London which is sending highest amount as remittances. He said Interior Ministry and Foreign Office should resolve the issues of Consulate building and digital passport.

Lord Mayor Shafiq Shah said Pakistani Community is full of skills and capacities to add in the socio economic development of Britain, “We are proud that the largest Local Government Authority Birmingham gave us the third Lord Mayor”, he added.

PML-N Britain President Zubair Gul said Nawaz Sharif is doing what is in best interest of Pakistan and its Armed Forces. “We have nothing to do whether High Commission is of previous Government or not, if interest of Pakistan is linked with him we have to cooperate with him”, he added.