VC Oxford participates in Pakistan Society function

OXFORD: Pakistani students at one of the leading universities in Britain, Oxford University have enthralled the varsity by holding functions to introduce Pakistani culture. On one side the joy of victories in Asia Cup and on the other joyful colors of Pakistan culture.

Pakistan Society of Oxford University hold week-long celebrations of Pakistani culture and male and female students of the varsity hold various programs to highlight true colors of rich Pakistani culture and traditions.

Besides students from other countries, the faculty also has shown keen interest in the celebrations. The Vice Chancellor of the varsity Prof David Hamilton visited the stalls of Pakistani students and enjoyed the food and other things made by Pakistani students.

A debate was also arranged on the occasion titled “Military operation against Taliban or dialogue” and team favoring dialogue include Ali Jan and Muhammad Khurram while team favoring military operation was consisting of Adnan Rafiq, Meharun Nisa and Hammad Mustafa and both teams gave reasons in favor of their stand.

Team favoring dialogue were of the view that peace should be given and chance and this is possible only through dialogue. In past military operations have not helped to end militancy, but have cause huge men and material losses, they added.

They said this is time to change the mindset and take appropriate measures and success of military operation will be short living and pave way for death and destruction in the long run.

They said the economic situation in Pakistan not allow the country to go for another war, particularly when militancy has made deep roots and it is very difficult to distinguish between a common man and a terrorist.

The team supporting the military operation was of the view people behind terrorism having destroyed country’s economy and country is facing instability and insecurity. They are traitors of the Constitution of Pakistan.

It is time to fight on both the ideological and the military frontiers to block the path of Talibanization, they said, adding by holding military operation the terrorists can be weakened and to enforce the writ of the Government and then to hold dialogue.

They said in past Taliban have used dialogue as a lame excuse and they buy time to strengthen themselves and come forcefully against the state.

During the debate participants also questioned both the teams and they were of the view to hold sincere and honest military operation against the Taliban and weaken them. The basic human rights should be kept under consideration during the operation.