Valentines Day date for sale on ebay

London: A London girl has offered herself off as a date for Valentine’s Day to raise money. She is eager to celebrate Valentines day in a different style while raising money for a charity.

BH Anscomb is offering would-be suitors the chance to take her out on Friday if they are willing to put their hands in their pockets and bid on online auction site eBay.

The 24-year-old office manager from Bromley, south east London, whose celebrity crushes include actor Channing Tatum and Prince Harry, is hoping to raise £1000 for The Autism Trust by taking part in the blind date.  She has so far received 60 bids and already has a top pledge of £621.

The lucky man or woman will get a free meal at an Italian restaurant in central London, paid for by Ms Anscomb herself.  She said: “I am actually getting quite nervous. I have no expectations.

“My ideal date would be with someone who can make me laugh.” The date is one of a series of challenges which the serial fundraiser has set herself since September.

In November she donned a fake moustache for a whole month in support of Movember, which raises money for prostate and testicular cancer.

Her latest charitable effort will see her donate funds to people living with autism.