Ummah had been granted real constitution 1400 years back: Peer Mehboobi

BRADFORD: Islam is a guideline for entire humanity and people taking about amendments in Constitution of Pakistan are ignorant and they do not know Constitution of 1973 is reflection of Islamic Shariah.

This was stated by Peer Habibur Rehman Mehboobi while addressing a Miladun Nabi function at Jamia Suffa. The main aim of the function was to highlight the love and affection of Holy Prophet PBUH by giving prizes to children who participated in the Milad function.

In his presidential address Peer Mehboobi said no one can make changes in basic Islamic jurisprudence to form the Constitution of his own choice, because the real Constitution is given by Holy Prophet PBUH more than 1400 years ago.

The solution of all problems Pakistan is facing lies in imposing the ‘Nizam e Mustafa’ the Muhamadan law. “No other law, no other Constitution can work in Pakistan and people who want to change constitution are betraying with the soul of Quaid e Azam”, he maintained.

It depicts under a conspiracy such things are being fielded to make changes in Constitution of Pakistan, which could be harmful for sovereignty and security of Pakistan, he said.

“Alongside Pakistan we have to keep a vigil on political situation of Britain where we live and give a message of peace, love and brotherhood which is main theme of Islam and remove misunderstandings regarding Islam by our character”, Mehboobi said.

Earlier, talking on Islamic golden chain under monthly training program said after Imam Jaffer Sadiq, Bayazid Bistami was among highest saints of Islam.

Hafiz Fazal Ahmed Qadri said, Constitution of 1973 is first consensus Constitution and it is unfortunate to state that only Taliban can implement this constitution. “We do not need Taliban bran Islam, only Islam which was brought by Holy Prophet PBUH for entire humanity will be enforced in Pakistan, which ensure safety of humanity”, he added.

Diverting the attention of community towards a very sensitive matter regarding the showing relics of Holy Prophet PBUH, saying that is not an Islamic attempt and can be called a blasphemy. It is imperative to get real link of the relics, as these frauds were common some 1200 years back, he added.

Peer Shoaib Hussain Shah highlighted the ‘Seerah’ life of Holy Prophet PBUH and his ‘Sahaba’ companions.

The function was addressed by Moulana Mufti Abdur Rasool, Prof Siddiq Akbar, Peer Ghulam Mohiud Din, Asrarul Haq Awaisi, Anwarul Haq Qadri, Hafiz Muneer Ahmed, Bilal Ahmed Jami, Moulana Sajjad Romi, Muhammad Saeed Makki, Hafiz Zaheer Iqbal, Dilshad Ahmed Qadri, Qari Muhammad Ijaz, Moulana Qasim Saeedi, Qari Muhammad Atteeq, Moulana Saeed Sialvi, Moulana Hafiz Muhammad Hassan Hashmi, Hafiz Tariq Mehmood, Hafiz Nisar Ahmed, Moulana Muhammad Kashif, Hafiz Muhammad Aqib, Muhammad Habibur Rehman, Taha Shah Bokhari, Sufi Abdu Majid and Qari Muhammad Bashir while volunteers of Suffah ul Islam presented Naat in honor of Holy Prophet PBUH.