UKPNP knows how to defeat tricks of division: Shaukat Kashmiri

LONDON: Kashmiri nation will not accept any division of motherland and people who are giving such suggestions to Pakistani Government are enemies of democracy and are feeling scared by democracy, said Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, the exiled Chairman of United Kashmir Peoples National Party (UKPNP).

These elements want to abolish the democracy and democratic institutions in the country and they want to rule by Army, Kashmiri said while addressing the party workers. Naila Khanain also addressed the meeting. Prime Minister of Pakistan must not pay any heed to such suggestions regarding the division of Kashmir and before taking any such step he should consult the constitutional experts who have any know-how of importance of Kashmir.

“We are founders and preachers of peaceful struggle for liberation of Kashmir, but it does not man we are weak”, Kashmiri said, adding UKPNP is capable to frustrate any elements’ designs who hatch conspiracies to divide Kashmir. He said Kashmir issue should be resolved between State of Jammu Kashmir and India. Kashmir is an issue of common history, common culture and traditions and of geographical entity and not the issue of any region or any sect.

Senior Vice Chair of the party Naila Khaneen also expressed her views. She said unity should be the first priority to resolve Kashmir issue.