UKIP, BNP causing divide in British society: Sajad Karim

A little population of Muslims is responsible in spreading Islamophobia while people from local non-Muslim community were among protestors on Iraq war and at that time there was nothing like Islamophobia. The non-merger of Muslims in British Society is a reason for creating anti-Islam sentiment in Britain and this is helping grow hatred against Islam.
These were consensus views of speakers at a seminar titled as “Minority Community and Islamophobia”, jointly organized by Community Organizations Forum and Burnley and Pendal Friends League. People from Pakistani and Bangladeshi community were majority participants of the seminar. Speakers discussed in detail the reasons of Islamophobia.
Chief guest Community Welfare Consular of Pakistani Consulate General Manchester Sajid Qazi said the huge population of local community members took part in million march against Iraq war and 90 per cent of them were non-Muslims and they were alongside Muslims in raising voice against Iraq war.
He said the then prime minister make mockery of million march saying “If one million people if participated in the march but many million stayed away are in favor of war”. Then a dossier was released on presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which proved a big lie, Qazi said.
Neither at the time of war in Iraq nor during 9/11 and 7/7 the Islamophobia was existing, he said, adding now it became necessary to explore where and why this monster of Islamophobia is growing and emerging.
He said 99 per cent population of Pakistan is peace-loving true followers of Islam and always are ready to sacrifice for others in need and it is imperative to support people who want peace and are giving others chance to live.
To a question about non-presence of Muslim women in function, he said Women are important part of society and their participation is must and be ensured.
He said in a way racists were thrown out of Burnley by whole community with unity, is a lesson and community should live with peace to create a congenial atmosphere.
Addressing the gathering, Dr Sajad Karim MEP said besides Islamophobia some people are suffering from Europhobia and Scotland Phobia.
As usual Dr Sajad Karim took UKIP and BNP to task saying these two parties are responsible of creating divide and hatred in British society and to frustrate their designs in responsible of every sane person across the board.
Sajad Karim hold strikes on different places of European Union against the handing over of people to CIA by Britain, Europe and other countries, who were arrested on alleged involvement in terrorism. In 2007 human rights organization expressed concerns over torture on these people and Sajad Karim was first MEP who raised voice in European Parliament.
Sajad Karim said he has raised the voice for elimination of terrorism but condemned the torture of alleged terrorists, but the president EU who was a Britain makes fun of my statements. But it proved a fact as in Italy cases are in process against the torture by CIA officials.
Dr Sajad Karim said a part of media is responsible of creating Islamophobia and is responsible like racists.
Member European Parliament Davis said few people don’t like his speech but let me say even after being an important part of society Muslim women are not being made part of functions. He said there are many people few are following religion and some have nothing to do with religion and it is not necessary that it will be Islam but even then Islamophobia is being fanned.
“I have seen a Church in Brussels which was set ablaze by a group of Christians which did not like the people using this church, There are Christians like this and same is position in Islam”, he said, adding “I have seen Buddhist monks torturing and killing Muslims what can we say it”.
He said there are 24 languages spoken in European Parliament but English has a prestige to be a main language but it cannot decrease the importance of other languages.
He stressed the need to live with unity to take whole community along by removing all hurdles and assured once we show unity all these phobias will automatically end.
Gordon Birtwhistle, MP from Burnley said giving example of killings of jews in Germany said is reflection of this mentality, which disallowed jews to live in Germany and then used killing as tool to exterminate them. He said few years back the number of councilors from BNP in Burnley had reached six and now there is no one from this party, which depicts the unity of people, who uprooted the .seeds of racism.
Andrew Stephenson MP from Pendal said there are various common values in Islam and Christianity and Islam is religious of peace and always preach the peace, brotherhood and coexistence. There are many schools making efforts to end hatred and bring peace in society, he added.
He stressed the need to fight against hatred and intolerance which would help eliminate the Islamophobia. Every person living in Britain is a British and it is necessary to eliminate the elements creating differences.
He termed Dr Sajad Karim as his mentor saying he has learnt a lot from Sajad Karim.
He talked on his being chairman of Friends of Pakistan Group saying it is his pleasure to lead this group and he also talked about his visit to Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Bureau Chief of Jang and Geo Allama Azeem Ji said it is sad that hue and cry is being made that west is making propaganda against Islam but are not ready to check ourselves and see what we are doing. Here we are Bengali Muslims, Punjabi Muslims and some other. We are divided in little groups and are lacking a unity.
Talking on terrorism, he said it is our ‘Deen’ religion and it is of four Khalifas of Holy Prophet PBUH and it is not a religion of few invaders and intruders.
At the end awards were given by BCOF to many Parliamentarians and community leaders for their role.
Chairman Burnley and Pendal Friend League Haji Safeer Ahmed, Asrarud din, Abdul Malik, Aftab Rehman also addressed the seminar, which was started with recitation from Holy Quran by Hafiz Asheerur Rehman, while Naat was presented to Holy Prophet PBUH by Faisal Faisal, Qari Muhammad Sher and Father Bop Woodster prayed n the occasion.
Burnley Community Organization Forum Chairman Mian Abdul Hameed presided over the seminar and Muzakar Ali holds the stage.