UKIM busy to build humanity in line of teachings of Allah, Prophet (PBUH)

LONDON: In a civilized, modern and educated society where everyone have a right to live with complete freedom and adopt the living he wants, “If Muslim women are wearing “Naqab” veil it is their right”, said Rabia Siddiq, President UK Islamic Mission (UKIM) while addressing a press conference.
“If a woman wears veil it is her right and no one has right to raise objection over it, in a civilized society”, Rabia Siddiq said.
UK Islamic Mission hold a press conference in a local restaurant to discuss the challenge the Muslim women are facing and the ways to meet these challenges. UKIM President Rabia Siddiq, General Secretaty Nasreen Saeed and representative of Youth Wing Maham, addressed the press conference.
They said that UKIM is working to build a society as per teachings of Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

When she was asked about divorce (Talaq), she said that this is a question to be asked from male side of society while a women can reply the answer about Separation (Khula). She said as per teachings of Islam men and women are equal, none of them is superioir than others.
is religion of peace, peaceful co-existance and always teach its followers to love with honour dignity and give equal rights to every human being, said the leadership of UKIM.