True peoples’ representative Sajjad earned awards for services: A Stephenson MP

NELSON: Pakistani and Kashmiri community living in Burnley, Nelson, Pendal, and surrounding areas have reaffirmed pledge to vote again for Dr Sajad Karim Member European Parliament and send him in the European Parliament for third time.

This pledge was reaffirmed by people living in the constituency of Dr Sajad Karim in a public meeting organized by Burnley and Pendal Friends League. The highly attended meeting was presided over by renowned community leader Mian Abdul Hamid, while Sagheer Ahmed conducted the meeting.

It is worth mentioned here this is the area from where Dr Sajad Karim started his political career and got elected as Councilor twice and then he got elected as Member European Parliament twice from this area.

Addressing the public meeting Dr Sajad Karim said all what he did so far was because of support and strength provided by people of his constituency. “I have got Doctorate Degree, which was in fact an award for people of North West England, whom I am representing in European Parliament and the status he obtained was due to trust reposed on him by his people”, he said.

Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Plus for Pakistan to obtain support for Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries in European Parliament was not possible without support of British Premier David Cameron and Conservative Party, Sajad Karim maintained, adding he will continue his efforts to get full membership of European Union for brotherly Islamic country Turkey and very soon he will attain this goal.

He said Labor Party has started very negative attitude for European Parliament polls in North West, which is harsher than BNP and UKIP and people of the area must beware of this attitude.

“I have won many time in past but due to active support and by votes of my people and I am confident in future I will win with majority votes by people”, he said.

He disclosed that GSP Plus would have been obtained in 2005 but at that time Peter Mendalson was Trade Commissioner of Europe, who was from Labor Party, who fully opposed the GSP Plus for Pakistan and people can see this record on website of European Parliament.

Talking on claims being made by different circles regarding Kashmir, Sajad Karim said when he won as Councilor for the first time and he formed All Parties Kashmir Working Group in Pendal borough Council with support of fellow councilors. An Asian Councilor from Labor Party opposed this group on the direction of party leadership. Today the same person is seeking votes from people on the name of Kashmir, he added.

“I was the person who rejected the report of Emma Nicholson because there were various points against the reality. I was given mental torture for over criticizing this report but I kept continue with the strength I obtained from my people and succeeded in making 162 amendments in the report,” Sajad opined.

Some people are busy in misguiding the voters during European Parliament polls and people should remain alert from the negative tricks of these people, Sajad Karim said.

He praised the efforts of Faraz Bhatti, Conservative Party Councilor in Manchester City and also welcome Councilor Abdul Aziz in Conservative Party saying Councilor Abdul Aziz is asset or community and his services for community are not hidden.

Addressing the meeting British Parliament from Nelson, Andrew Stephenson said May 22, polls are of very high significance and people should come forward with large number to vote for Sajad Karim to ensure his third time victory.

He said the joining of Conservative Party by Councilor Abdul Aziz is a good omen and it will make party more strong.

“Due to support of Sajad Karim Friends of Pakistan Group was constituted in British Parliament and we are making efforts to enhance trade with Pakistan”, Stephenson said, adding in fact the trade between Pakistan and Britain was increased during the Conservative Party Government.

He said in past Labor Party made cuts in National Health Service which forced the closure of many departments of hospitals in Nelson and Burnley. Now we have obtained nine million pounds in health sector which will help open the hospitals, he added.

He said keeping in view the requirements of people Conservative Party released seven million pounds for schools, while two schools in Nelson are under construction. Hundreds of houses were renovated in Nelson and were made ready to reside, he added.

He said his party would get justice for family of Yousuf who was killed in Pakistan and for this purpose he is himself in touch with British High Commission in Pakistan.

He said victory of Sajad Karim will be a pleasure for not only his people but for himself and people should come out on May 22 to vote in large number.

Renowned journalist Mehboob Ellahi Butt said, politics being played during an Eid Miladun Nabi rally in Manchester and filthy and un-Islamic language used is highly condemnable. “I warn the organizers to stop politicking on the name of Miladun Nabi”, he said.

He said negative electioneering was seen during European Parliament and people are maligning and using Kashmir card. I will tell them Kashmir will not be liberated by publishing pictures in Kashmiri newspapers but it needs sincere efforts, he said.

It was Sajad Karim who raised Kashmir issue on every international forum and even in biggest parliament of the world. People in Pakistan only know that Sajad Karim got GSP Plus status for them which will strengthen Pakistan’s economy, but it is just on feather of his cap, Butt said

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