Time to stand against those dividing humanity: Lord Mayor

BRADFORD: Lord Mayor Bradford Councilor Khadim Hussain has stressed upon entire humanity to stand up against the people who cause division in humanity on the name of religion, cast, color and creed.

Islam not allow anyone to use force or torture minorities while this religion of peace and love is giving complete protection to minorities, Councilor Khadim Hussain said while addressing the anniversary of Shantinagar massacre where Christian community members were tortures. In this connection as service for Shantinagar affectees was held in St Andrew Church under the aegis of British Pakistani Christian Association was attended by local Muslim community members and have condemned the terrorist attacks in Pakistan and prayed for peace in the region.

The participants light candles to commemorate the affectees of Shantinagar.

The function was addressed by President Council of Masajid Rafiq Sehgal, former Lord Mayor Mrs Naveeda Ikram, Tehreek e Insaf leader Asif Khan and British Pakistan Christian Association Saleem Dutt and other community leaders addressed the function.

The Lord Mayor said entire humanity should use efforts to show unity to frustrate the evil designs of terrorists and extremists for the sake of security of humanity round the globe.

All the speakers were of the view that only Christians are not being targeted in Pakistan but Muslims and their places of worship are not secure there. The Masajid, Imambargahs and shrines are being targeted by terrorists, they said.

They said the war against terrorism is not war of any religion, sect or group but it is war of humanity against terrorism and extremism. The national flag of Pakistan and Constitution is providing complete protection to minorities. Addressing the gathering Rafiq Sehgal all human beings are equal in rights and everyone should respect the rights of others.

Former Lord Mayor Naveeda Ikram admitted that so far nothing positive was done for the affectees of Shantinagar.