Three convertees jailed for terrorizing others

LONDON: During last few months the sentences awarded by courts in ‘Hate crimes’ have caused sensation among Muslim Community as few months back Pakistani of Kashmiri was being considered behind any ‘hate crime’.

After killing of a British Soldier by a Converted Muslim and now in a Muslim Majority East London’s Walthamstov, sentence awarded to a Converted Muslim is point of concern for Muslim Community and they are asking as who is behind all this ‘hate crime’

Three converted Muslims namely Jordan Horner, 20, Royal Barnes, 23, and Ricardo MacFarlane, 26, were jailed for a total of two years and ten months for touring East London harassing people they deemed to be ‘non-believers’.

They were also imposed with a five-year ban to restrict them from distributing material about Sharia Law to the public, or even meeting each other. They were also banned from associating with controversial preacher Anjum Chaudhry.

Judge Timothy Pontius admitted the order was ‘drastic’ but added: ‘With the public interest in mind and the safety of individual members of the public in particular, it seems to me essential that these orders should be granted to run for that period of time.’

The leader of the gang, a white Muslim convert Horner, who has declared he wants Sharia law in the UK, attacked people drinking in the street and demanded: ‘Remove yourselves now. Muslim Patrol.’

The order comes in the wake of their convictions for the Muslim Patrol attacks carried out in January last year.