Textile Industry bridged gap between businessmen, Asians: Whitaker

BRADFORD: Berry Whitaker, Chairman Conservative Party Bradford and a renowned social activist has said he has played a vital role to bring local Conservatives and business community particularly the Asian community close and in future he will continue efforts for uplift of Bradford.

During last over four decades I have played important role in promotion of textile sector in the region and helped business men to come close to the local community, Whitaker said while addressing a reception hold by Conservative Party leaders in his honor for his achievement as he got space in the honor list of Queen Elizabeth for Order of British Empire (OBE) award.

The reception was arranged by party leaders Raja Najabat Hussain and Iftikhar and their families while local parliamentarian Phillip Davis and other party leaders have also attended the reception.

Whitaker said he will continue to work for development of the area in league with ruling party and business community, besides eradication of unemployment and bringing better understanding between different communities.

Whitaker called participation of his British friends, hosts Raja Najabat Hussain and Iftikhar Ahmed, besides a good number of party workers and large number of Asian women, a good omen for Bradford.

He urged on local and Asian community to join hands to put this country on path of development and prosperity.

He said this is a non-political function but presence of politician particularly Phillip Davis MP and people belonging to different religions is indicative of tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

Phillip Davis thanked the hosts for such a glorious function and praised Berry Whitaker for his work for betterment of humanity. When I was viewing the Honors’ List, I was giving mixed remarks over people but today I am very much happy as my two friends are in list, he added.

Raja Najabat Hussain conducted the function and he praised the efforts of Berry Whitaker for party as well as for community. Whitaker always played as bridge between two communities and a coordination element for different communities. He thanked all guest particularly Begum Falak Naz and her family for special participation.

Chairperson, Conservative Muslim Forum Itrat Ali felicitated Berry Whitaker for getting his name in Honors List. He also thanked Raja Najabat Hussain, Begum Falak Naz and Iftikhar Ahmed saying they are always collecting friends.