Teenager locked up after high-speed car chase

BRADFORD: A teenager led police on a high-speed chase in Bradford while on prison licence for a serious attempted robbery.
Haroon Shah, 18, appeared in custody at Bradford Crown Court after being recalled to a young offender institution to serve the balance of a three year sentence.
The court sentenced Shah in lock up for ten months for dangerous driving in a Toyota Yaris on July 27, having no insurance and no licence and failing to stop for the police. He pleaded guilty to all the charges.
Shah, of Bradford, was given an indeterminate custodial sentence for a serious attempted robbery when he was a juvenile. He appealed it and was sentenced to three years behind bars instead.
Released on licence, he was pursued by the police and sped off along Thornton Road, jumped a red light and mounted the pavement.
He was pursued down Girlington Road, Willow Street and Duckworth Lane on to Toller Lane.
Shah stopped only when his car broke down and he was blocked in by the police and pulled from the vehicle.
His barrister, Adam Birkby, said no damage or injury was caused