Taxi driver dies after cab veers into slough

SLOUGH: A taxi driver died as his taxi plunged into water. two passengers managed to come out of the water while the driver lost his life.
According to RCMP the man was the driver of the taxi aged 42 years while two passengers, who were able to get out of the water following the crash, that happened around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday on Highway 5, eight kilometres west of Humboldt.
The cab left the highway and entered the slough where it became submerged. All three people, including the driver, were able get out of the vehicle but only the two passengers made it safely to shore.
RCMP and Humboldt Fire Department volunteers conducted a search by boat and located the body of the driver
RCMP said road conditions were icy at the time although they were still investigating to determine the cause of the crash. They did note that alcohol was not a factor. The name of the man who died was not released.