Swiss peoples’ vote to control Immigration, alarm for Swiss, Immigrants

ZURICH: Swiss people have voted with majority to finish the immigration, which has sent an alarm to people who want to travel towards Europe.

During a referendum in Switzerland to limit the immigration, people in rural areas have supported to make immigration limited while people in urban areas were against it. After this referendum the easily movement between Switzerland and European Union will not be possible as the agreement was cancelled, while it will have impacts on other agreements between European Union and Switzerland that include access of Switzerland products to European market.

More than half of Swiss products were consumed by European Union member countries.

It is to be mentioned here that extremist element in Switzerland raised the slogan regarding the entry to terrorists in the country under the immigration and it is imperative to block their entry. This slogan has affected the innocent rural people of the country, who voted to control the immigration.

At present out of eight million residents of Switzerland 25 per cent are immigrants while last year 80,000 immigrants entered in Switzerland.