Success hereafter lies in following Holy Prophet: Peer Niaz

BIRMINGHAM: Giving our young generation modern education alongside the awareness and know-how of true religious knowledge can lead Muslim Ummah towards new horizons of success and development.

This was stated by Peer Niazul Hassan, ‘Sajada Nasheen’ caretaker of shrine of Haq Bahu Sakhi Sultan while addressing a Milad function arranged by Hazrat Bahu Sultan Trust Birmingham was addressed by other Ulema and Mashaikh and highlighted the importance of Miladun Nabi.

Muslims in Britain are collecting the blessings of Allah Almighty after they celebrated the Eid Miladun Nabi PBUH and on the other hand Milad functions are bringing young generation close to Islam, Peer Niaz said.

He said the Birth of Holy Prophet PBUH is source of inspiration and a way to get blessings from it. It is a blessing from which springs of knowledge, humanity and love are flowing.

Allama Zafarullah Shah said Muslim if desires to attain the lost glory it should follow the true teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH besides celebrating the Miladun Nabi in a befitting manner.

The function was attended by Lord Mayor Manchester, Councilor Naeem ul Hassan and former Lord Mayor Councilor Afzal Khan especially attended by the Milad function.

Addressing the Eid Miladun Nabi Conference Peer Niazul Hassan said life and teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH are beacon of light not only for Muslims but for entire humanity. To abolish terrorism, lawlessness and insurgency prevailing all over World and preach solidarity, unity and tolerance it is necessary to follow the teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH, he added.

Today humanity is suffering and the reason is not celebrating Eid Miladun Nabi and this is also main cause of lack of unity, solidarity and tolerance among Muslims, he said, adding Eid Miladun Nabi reminds Muslims they are Ummah of a Prophet PBUH who was sent as blessing for whole universe.