Steps of Mayor Watford cause unrest among drivers: Sardar Shafiq

WILFORD: Chairman Beacon Carriage Drivers Association, Sardar Shafiq Ahmed was of the view that steps taken by Dorthy Thorn, Mayor of Watford are tentamount ot divide the drivers of Asian community.
“Mayors steps are creating confusion among drivers and they are facing unrest”, Shafiq said while addressing a meeting of drivers of West Wilford.
Shafiq said that during last two meetings to resolve the problems of drivers, Dorthy not consulted the Beacon Carriage Factory. On October 17, Mayor invited drivers through some people in Durban Road Community Hall while association was neither invited nor consulted about the meeting. This resulted in complete failure of the meeting and Mayor left in the center of the meeting.
Shafis said that in another meeitng Association was not taken into confidence which resulted in failure of the meeting called by Mayor on October 22 and later without listening drivers it was announced that all demands were accepted.
He said that during last three years theri Union was invited in every meeting and councillors sitting in committee meetings were in contact with Union. We respect councillors belonging to every party and are ready to work with them for rights and welfare of drivers, he added.