Solution of Kashmir imperative to remove fear: Yasin

BIRMINGHAM: Solution of long-standing Kashmir issue is must for removing the fear of war even nuclear war from South Asia, while any mishap will prove devastating for this region, said Senior Minister of AJK, Chaudhry Muhammad Yaseen, while addressing a public meeting here during his Britain visit.
“No Kashmiri will allow construction of concrete wall on Line of Control. We condemn Indian approach and it will be resisted by tooth and nail” Yaseen said, adding that all political parties including Pakistan Peoples’ Party have one stance on Kashmir and no one can afford to deviate from this national stance.
Right of self determination is basic and inalienable right of Kashmiris and it is history that freedom movement round the world were crowned with success, he said, adding that time is not so far when Kashmiris will see the sun of freedom rise on Kashmir.
Yaseen said that strong and stable Pakistan is guarantee for freedom of Kashmir.
The public meeting was addressed by Lord Qurban Hussain, Mirza Khalid Mehmood, Chaudhry Manzoor Hussain Gafa, Saeed Mughal Advisor to AJK government, Aneeq Bokhari MEP, Chahdhry Khadim Hussain, Qari Tasawarul Haq, Chaudhry Amjid, Deputy Administrator Chaudhry Nazim Gujjar, Naeem Abbas chairman PYO Britain, Secretary General Riaz, Muhammad Ayub Sarakhvi, Chaudhry Zaheer, Vice President PPP Britain Chaudhry Arif Kervi, Asif Mehmood, Chaudhry Irshad Aziz, Waheed Butt, Yasar Bilal Chaudhry from PYO, Tahir malik, Raja Riasat from Bolton, Chaudhry Asrar Zedi, Chaudhry Aftab, Hajid Muhammad Sharif, Chaudhry Muhammad Altaf, Malik Zaheer Abbas, Sheikh Ashfaq and many others. while prominent business man Chaudhry Haseeb, Chaudhry Arif Rajdhani, Chairman labour Party Hole-Green Chaudhry Akhlaq, President PPP Birmingham were present on the stage.
Chaudhry Yaseen said if there will be comparison on political scenario of AJK during last 65 years PPP got only ten years to run affairs, while others enjoyed the power for more than 55 years. People who ruled AJK for 55 years have not established one medical college, today PPP has set up three medical colleges in AJK, three universities including one women university and two IT universities, he added.
“We are upgrading communication system in AJK while in upcoming election PPP will get vote of performance to continue serve people”, he said.
He said in deferred project Britain has put Punjab and Khyber Pakhtonkhwa in its budget and I request Lord Qurban Hussain, Khalid Mehmood MP and Councillor to help put Kashmir in budget of 2015.
Lord Qurban Hussain said AJK need a strong and stable government which will prove its self deserving.
Pakistan is facing various internal and external conspiracies and under these circumstances we need to be strong and united and adopt long term policies to come out of present crisis, Lord Qurban said.
Khalid Mehmood MP said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in favour of resolving issue with India through dialogue. “As Nawaz Shairf assumed power, India caused panic on Line of Control, which is loudly speaking that India do not want to resolve issue. India want to create problems for Pakistan”, he added.
He said Kashmir needs strong, bold and fearless leadership like Chaudhry Yaseen. an elected Parliamentarian can be assessed with public support, his grip in his area and the votes he got in different elections.
The host Chaudhry Akhlaq said a large number of overseas Kashmiris want to invest their money in AJK, if government provide protection from land grabbers, qabza mafia and extortionists, a huge rush of money will arrive in AJK, which will change the scenario. He thanked Chief Guest on his arrival in Birmingham.
Chaudhry Haseeb thanked Chaudhry Yaseen for declaring Rulian Jattan as Tehsil.