Slough Islamic Trust holds historical Milad procession

SLOUGH: Slough Islamic Trust (SIT) hold a historical Miladun Nabi PBUH procession under Central Milad Committee of Jamia Masjid Ghausia Diamond Road, which was attended by lovers of Holy Prophet PBUH hailing from Slough and surroundings.

The Milad procession was started from Salt Hill Park Bath Road near Jamia Masjid Slough and people welcomed the procession at various places and express their happiness over this highly attended procession. The youth had decorated a car and slogans like ‘I Love Muhammad’, ‘God is Great’, ‘Allahu Akbar’ were painted on the car which has caught the attention of people.

The procession was led by Allama Syed Mujtaba Shah, Allama Hafiz Adnan Zaheer, Haji Sufi Muhammad Afzal, Malik Mazhar Ali, Chaudhry Azad Hussain, Chaudhry Ishtiaq, Raja Safder Ali, Deputy Mayor of Slough Chaudhry Shafiq, Director UK-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nazar Lodhi, Chaudhry Asghar Ali, Raja Zirat, Chaudhry Muhammad Anwar, Haji Muhammad Arif, Councilor Sufi Rasab and other ulema and scholars.

A large number of people including men, women, children and youth were part of the procession while Qari Muneer Younas presented Naat to Holy Prophet PBUH all the way in his melodious voice. People were established stages enroute to welcome the procession and besides Muslims, non-Muslims have welcomed the procession all the way. People were serving participants food and other stuff.

Police has extended valuable cooperation and was controlling the traffic and the procession culminated at Jamia Masjid Ghausia after passing through various roads and market.

Syed Mujtaba Shah felicitated the Muslims of Slough for holding such a successful Milad procession and after Zuhr prayers Miladun Nabi was started.

Allama Naeemul Mustafa addressed the Miladun Nabi function and said celebrating the Miladun Nabi is worship, as Holy Prophet PBUH came as blessing of Allah in this world.

Allama Niaz Ahmed said Allah has repeatedly talked about highest esteem of Muhammad PBUH and ‘Sahaba’ the companions of Holy Prophet PBUH and ‘Aulia Allah’ Friends of Allah and saints have witnessed this esteem.