Shah Ghulam Qadir for unity to bail out Pak from crisis

BIRMINGHAM: Pakistan is passing through difficult period of its history and it is time to show unity to bring country out of this crisis, said Shah Ghulam Qadir, Ex AJK Assembly speaker and Secretary General AJK Chapter of Pakistan Muslim Leauge Nawaz.
Shah Ghulam Qadir was talking to workers and media after he arrived britian from a tour of Astanbul and many other countries.
He said that purpose of this visit was to take part in 5-day International Peace Conference, which was attended by delegates from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, while Kashmir was also given representation in this conference.
Ex AJK Speaker was warmly welcomed by Zubai Kayani, President PML-N Britian, ex Power Minister Mehmood Riaz, Raja Marvat Khan, Tauqeer Jaral, Raja Taj Khan, Raja Sajid Khan, Raja Tariq Khan, Raja Nawaz Khan, Sajid Mehmood and Shoaib Nazish.
During his staty in Britain shah Ghulam Qadir will meeting British Parliamentarian and other leadrs of public opinion.