UNO to play role before Kashmiris lost the patience: Shaukat Kashmiri

GENEVA: Peaceful and durable solution of Kashmir issue is amust for Kashmiri nation but on the other hands it will bring complete peace and stability in entire south Asia, said Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, the exiled Chairman of United Kashmir Peoples National Party (UKPNP) while talking to media.
Kashmiris are busy peacefuly and silently in their struggle to resolve this issue and bring peace in the region and now it is responsibility of world community to play its role before Kashmiris lost the patience, Sardar Shaukat said.
“People thinking to resolve Kashmir issue through war and other negative tactics are living in fools paradise”, he said, adding that history is full of death and destruction caused by war.
Sane, serious, developed nations are making big economic blocks after resolving their disputes with their nations and same should be repeated in South Asia, he said.
The enmity and disputes between France, Germany and other European countires during the World War II era are not hidden and now all these countries resolved their disputes and now European Union is world’s bggest economic block, he said, adding that India, Pakistan, China and other neighbouring countries should resolve their disputes through dialogue and enter in the shoes of Europe and form a big economic block to give their people chance to prosper.

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