Govt needs some time to address last 14 years losses: Zubair Gul

LONDON: Former Chairman of CM Punjab’s Overseas Committee Zubair Gul and favourite for Governor Gilgit Baltistan Dr Anjum said that every sane and educated person is well aware of the fact that how Pakistan was looted during last 14 years and now it will take some time to bring changes.
During last 14 years wholesale loot, nepotism and corruption has maligned Pakistan’s image and it will take some time to address the losses country faced during the last 14 years, they said while talking to KASHMIR LINK LONDON.
People who don’t want democracy flourish in Pakistan and are not ready to give common people right to raise his voice are criticizing the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, they said, adding that it is a bitter reality that during last 14 years country was run on foreign loans and every Pakistan was drowned in heavy foreign loans.
Zubair Gul of Pakistan Muslims League Nawaz (PML-N) Overseas Committee’s expected President and Dr Anjum who is on top of three short listed candidates for Gilgit Baltistan Governorship have said that Pakistan at this stage cannot afford ‘Dharna’ Sit ins, blockades and loot and arson and Imran Khan should raise issues in Parliament. Imran Khan’s style is tantamount to sabotage the agreements being done with world by prsent government to strengthen country’s economy, they added.
They said that these moves are nothing but to push Pakistan towards the isolations and at this stage a national issue should should be on patriotism and above political gains.
Drone attacks on Pakistan were started in era of Pervez Musharraf while Nawaz Sharif and present Government have raised the issue of drine attacks on Pakistani soil oninternational forums.
Nawaz Sharif catagorically told the US President Obaama that drone attacks are counter-productive and are damaging Pakistan economically, socially and militarily, they said, adding that whole nation should be on one platform at this stage and providing a support to government in bailing out Pakistan from the current crisis.