Sajad Karim to chair EP watchdog on ethics

BRUSSELS: Conservative Party, Member European Parliament (MEP), from North West of England, Sajad Karim was named Chairman, European Parliament watchdog body which was set up to stop unethical behavior by MEPs.

Sajad Karim is only MEP inducted in the committee from Britain and his appointment was made by previous President of the Parliament.

Karim, who is also Chairman Friends of Pakistan, will lead the European Parliament Advisory Committee on the Conduct of Members which is responsible for ensuring all MEPs follow the Code of Conduct. The Committee will prohibits receiving expensive gifts and forces MEPs to declare any extra payments they receive.

The Committee was formed after a report of January 2012 which allegedly blamed four Parliamentarians for receiving some money from some other sources.

In his comments Sajad Karim said it is an honor to chair the Advisory Committee ahead of upcoming European Parliament polls in May. Under the guidance of the Code of Conduct, the European Parliament has made great strides in improving transparency and my mission is to continue to provide the greatest level of transparency possible, he added.

It is imperative for every Parliamentarian from round the Europe to win back the trust of people of European Union who have been dismayed by some of the scandals in the past, Sajad Karim said.

Sajad Karim assumed charge from March 1, and will hold the position for six months. He will chair his first committee meeting in Brussels on 18 March.