Sahibzada Jehangir has no official position in overseas: PTI

Islamabad: Pakistani Tehrik e Insaf PTI has issued an official notice to clarify the position of those who claim themselves party’s overseas leader.
Party Secretariat in Islamabad via OIC Notification 01/14 dated 16 Feb, duly prepared and consulted by OIC and approved by Secretary International Chapters says: “Sahibzada Jehangir has no official PTI position with regard to overseas chapters. Overseas members should not get misled by some characters who manage to get photographed with chairman on some occasion and misuse the picture to impress and convince PTI members that they carry close connection with chairman. One of such characters was using such pictures to convey the message of his meeting with senior leadership of PTI while using the occasion of private wedding ceremony”.

This notification further says: ” there is no definition or official list available on founding members of PTI for the simple reason, if a founding member was there at the time of founding party and left the party or stopped working for party or started working against party interest, this title might mislead PTI workers on the perception of real leadership of PTI , so we clarify there is no official list of founding members within party and people claiming this designation could be their own personal desire but constitution and bye laws of party do not endorse such titles. Only authority who can verify a founding member is the chairman himself. We also like to clarify a situation created by some miscreants on overseas funds issue under the slogan of Transparency (TAC Force)”.

Chief of staff to Chairman, Mr. Naeem Ul haq further confirmed: “TAC has been disbanded and all those who were previously involved have regretted and committed to support party constitution and that there is no official European committee , Chairman supports the current elected bodies throughout Europe”.

Notification clarifies that, “Mahboob Aslam is neither member or office bearer of any overseas chapter of PTI. All overseas chapters are informed officially to disregard any claim or initiative from Mahboob Aslam regarding PTI.

Mian Tariq Javed is neither office bearer or Membership Coordinator or even paying member of any overseas chapter. Mian Tariq Javed claim to declare himself as Leader of PTI Europe and some European Coordination Committee is also not true. With this notification, we inform all overseas chapters that Mian Tariq Javed does not fall in any category of PTI representation.

Nadeem Yousaf is a Membership Coordinator in Italy along with four other Membership Coordinators in Italy. Nadeem Yousaf claim to be a PTI leader representing Europe or European Coordination Committee is false. Elections in PTI Italy will determine who has the right to represent PTI Italy.

It is worth mentioning that notification is silent about other party leaders in UK like Amjad Khan and Nadia Choudhary. It will also be notable that this notification has been issued in Islamabad when Sahibzada Jehangir was holding Dua at his residence for well being of Party leader Imran Khan.


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