Richard Bergen wins Labour candidacy from Leeds East

OLDHAM: Labour Party has chosen Richard Bergen as party candidate for upcoming parliamentary elections, which has ended the bone crushing tussle in Leeds East being considered as stronghold and a hub of Labour Party. The candidacy of Labour Party from Leeds East means confirm victory for the Parliament.

Due to very big population ration of Kashmiri Community in this constituency former Mayor of Leeds Muhammad Iqbal was also in run for candidacy among four other contestants. Muhamamd Iqbal has a good support of Chaudhry Matloob Hussain of Leeds Labour Party and Bawa Muhammad Rafiq.

Other contestants for candidacy were Richard Bergen, Judith Kenz and Kate White, while Richard Bergen has support of three Asian Councillors such as Asghar Qureshi, Javed Iqbal and Ghulam Hussain and he bagged highest number of Labour Party votes from a total of 380 for candidacy.

It is pertinent to note that Leeds East is a confirm seat of Labour party and sitting MP George Mody is in Parliament for the last 23 years and due to his retirement a new candidate was chosen.

Later talking to Kashmir Link, Councillor Asghar Qureshi said Richard is most popular for his social work in Leeds East. He said other contestants for candidacy will make sure to support Richard Bergen in winning the seat, as all this practice was inner party and outside we are united.

He said Richard Bergen is a person and a politician of very high qualities and after winning election he will try to overcome expectations of people of the area.