Research by Sheikhul Islam beneficial for Muslims, non-Muslims

LONDON: Followers of Tahirul Qadri in Britain like other parts of celebrated his 63rd Birthday with zeal and fervor and a graceful function was held at Minhajul Quran International London and Raheeq Abbasi was chief guest.

Syed Abbas Bokhari, Haji Muhammad Yunus, Allama Shahnawaz Qadri and Qari Jameel share stage with Raheeq Abbasi. The documentary on literary journey of Tahirul Qadri was shown to participants on the occasion,

The speakers said the United Nations and World Economic Forum are impressed by the research work of Tahirul Qadri and gave Minhajul Quran International an advisory status.

Tahirul Qadri left Pakistan due to lack of literary and research atmosphere in the country, which was a big hurdle in his work in Pakistan. The huge number of meetings in Pakistan was also a big hurdle in research and literary work of Qadri, they added.

They said keeping in view these reasons; Qadri not for his own sake but for the sake of Muslim Ummah migrated outside Pakistan, as he was eager to complete the research work on Islamic studies which was stalled from centuries.

Addressing the gathering Raheeq Abbasi said Allah wants to accept the research work of Tahirul Qadri and due to this research work thousands of youth from Britain, Europe and rest of the world are getting benefits from this research work. This treasure of research work by Tahirul Qadri is being used as armament against terrorism and extremism and for preaching the real Islam and teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH in their respective countries, he said.

Secretary General Minhajul Quran, Abbas Bokhari on behalf of research Tahirul Qadri fought the case of Islam being a religion of peace, love and co-existence in Norway, Denmark, France, Italy and the US where government and non-government institutions invited him to debate.

He said Qadri pleaded the case of Islam with bravery and provide them enough material to accept the Islam as religion of peace.