Qazi meets Pakistani prisoners in Scottish prisons

Edinburgh: Pakistani Community Welfare Counselor for North England and Scotland, Sajid Mehmood Qazi visited Scotland where he held meetings with community leaders and visited different prisons to see Pakistani prisoners.
Qazi asked the prisoners about their problems in prisons and later on discussed these problems with prison officials.
Qazi said that he is glad that during his previous visit to different prisons he had raised the problems of Pakistani prisoners with prison officials, who paid special heed to these problems and resolved them for which he is thankful to prison officials.

Qazi dispelled the impression that British prisons are full with Pakistani prisoners. He said that there are 600 prisoners in Addiewell Prison out of which 5 are Pakistanis and seven are Muslims from other countries. Prisons administration is providing ‘Halal’ chicken to all prisoners, which is speaking loudly that how they are respecting Islamic sentiments.

He said on Eidul Azha special feasts were prepared for Muslim prisoners in Edinburgh and Addiewell prisons. Sajid Mehmood Qazi especially thanks the Scottish Government which is taking special interest in minority community prisoners.

HMP Addiewell is Scotland’s second privately run prison and has been designed with an emphasis on encouraging rehabilitation with skills training facilities and a Scottish Qualifications Authority accredited learning centre.

It houses 700 medium and high security male prisoners as well as providing facilities for the 350 members of staff, including 160 prison officers, who will run the prison. It features 12 wings of naturally ventilated cells with en-suite showers and can also accommodate disabled prisoners.