PU honours David Martin for his services to Pakistan

LONDON: David Martin, Member European Parliament (MEP) has selfless services for Pakistan in past, but recent move to support Pakistan in attaining the GSP Plus status will be enough to call him a best friend of Pakistan.
Keeping in view the selfless services and support for Pakistan, Punjab University has awarded honorary Doctorate Degree to David Martin.
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar, who is Chancellor of Punjab University, is a close friend of David Martin from Glasgow.
Talking on awarding Ph. D degree by Punjab University, David Martin said that he was not expecting such a beautiful response from Pakistan in return of my service to support Pakistan. “It is honor for me to bring European and Pakistani communities close and I appreciate the efforts of Chaudhry Sarwar, who was Member of British Parliament from Glasgow, in getting GSP Plus status for Pakistan”, he added.
GSP Plus is a big deal for Pakistan, which means Pakistan will export its products to the European market containing of 28 countries with out duty, the senior Parliamentarian from Scotland said, adding this will not only strengthen the economy of Pakistan but also generate jobs and enhance productivity of industries.