PTI sole representative political force: Amjid

BIRMINGHAM: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has become a political force and it is sole representative political force of Pakistanis not only in Pakistan but across the globe, said Amjid Khan, President PTI Labor Wing and Director UK-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

PTI is striving for the rights of people and this is reason people are seeing attraction in this party, Amjid Khan said while addressing a party meeting of North-West unit of PTI. Besides Amjid Khan the meeting was addressed by Akram Dharija, Wajid Abbasi, Aslam Bhutta, Faisal Khwaja, Amir Chishti, Riaz Hussain, Dr Tasleem Arabi, Manzoor Ahmed and other senior leaders.

“We are working round the clock for country and for PTI and firm to fulfill the mission of Imran Khan, which is manifesto of Imran Khan capable to change the country’s destination”, Amjid Khan said, adding PTI is working to work on vision of Imran Khan.

Aslam Bhutta said all the party cadres are united in PTI and every worker of PTI is firm to move forward for making party strong. “We will forget the clashes and conflicts and work as one unit”, he added.

Amir Chishti Muhammad Amin be praised over arranging this successful meeting.