Present Govt responsible for misiries of nation: Qadri

Kashmir Link Report
BIRMINGHAM: Imparting proper education to youth and children will help eradicate the darkness from the society, and education will be base for stability, development and prosperity of any nation, said Chairman Minhaj ul Quran (MuQ) Dr Tahirul Qadri.
“Unfortunately, Pakistan is passing through worst time of its history and present government is responsible for this mess”, Qadri said while addressing a function¬† arranged by MuQ Britain, which was addressed by Lord Nazir Ahmed, Syed Zaed Hussain Shah, Allama Ahmed Nisar Baigh, Dr Rafiq Ahmed Abbasi, Mufti Abdul Rasool Mansur, Zahoor Ahmed Niazi, Muhammad Khalid, Dr Zahid Iqbal, Ijaz Chaudhry, Haji Muhammad Riaz, Allama Ashfaq Alam, Abu ahmed Adam, Hafiz Abdul Qadir Naushahi, Allama Niaz Ahmed Siddiqui and Sahibzada Lakht e Hussaini.
Education is basic need of nations if they want to move forward and compete with developed nations, Qadir said, adding that MuQ has a revolutionary programme inthe field of education.
Qadir highlighted the plan of establishment of Minhaj Education City in Lahore, which would be a amalgam of hostels of the schools, colleges and unoversities operating in different areas.
Addressing the gathering Lord Nazir Ahmed said that services of Dr Tahirul Qadri in the filed of Education, Social and political are remarkable and have no match.
He lauded the role of Qadir in the field of politics saying that before 2013 general elections Dr Qadir struggled for real democracy in Pakistan, which will be written in golden words in the history of Pakistan.
He said that people who are blaming Qadir for his dual nationality must know that people who have ruled Pakistan have looted wealth and shifted it outside while overseas Pakistanis are sending their hard earned money to Pakistan. “I was seriously hurt with the remakrs of courts on dual nationality. If Lord Nazir can sit in British Parliament with Pakistani then why not in Pakistan Parliament”, he added.
Dr Rafiq briefed the gathering indetail about the Education City Lahore and expenses of this mega project of MuQ.