PPP party of Jiyalas facing hardships and are sacrifying

BRADFORD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is party of ‘Jiyalas’ who are facing hardships and workers firm stand and sacrifices of party leadership is leading the party towards the power. PPP will continue its policy of reconciliation to bail out coutnry from challenges of terrorism, poverty and energy cris.
These were the view of speakers while addressing the function arranged by Chaudhry Muhammad Malik, renowned PPP leader in North of Englan, to celebrate the founding day of party. The function held at residence of Chaudhry Malik was attended by former Lord Mayor Aurangzed Chaudhry, Tariq Ayub Secretary General PPP, Nadeem Qaider PPP, Chaudhry Muhammad Saleem PPP President Halifax and special guests from Pakistan Ramzan Chugtai, Dr Imran Mani, Chaudhry Siddiq and many other leaders and workers of party.
The speakers were of the view that PPP is custodian sacrifices of top leadership and workers from last 45 years, while during this time thousands of ‘jiyalas’ have rendered their lives along side party leadership.
The founding family of party has rendered unparallal sacrifices for country and the charismatic leadership not bothered the allegations and continued to give sacrifices for country.
PPP is continuity of sacrifices as ‘Jiyalas’ were given exemplary punishment by martyring them, put them behind bars, dragging them in courts and were not, but these excesses could not bow the PPP worker, the said.
They said that PPP leadership believes in eradication of menace of terrorism, poverty and other challenges country is facing this is why PPP continue its policy of reconciliation. dictators have attacked on vote bank of PPP, but even then they faced defeat at the hands of ‘Jiyalas’.