PPP only party sacrificed lives for democracy: Hassan Bokhari

NOTTINGHAM: Pakistan Peoples’ Party is first political party which gave people of Pakistan the importance of self-respect and ensured the basic rights to poor people and people in 1971 have rejected the politics of feudalism, capitalism and religious fanaticism, said Hassan Bokhari, President Peoples’ Party.

“The brutalities and excesses of establishment particularly military establishment against Peoples’ Party are not hidden as it has touched the heights and leaders and workers were mercilessly beaten by Zia regime”, Bokhari said while addressing a gathering organized to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Benazir Bhutto.

Fake and baseless cases were registered against the leadership of Peoples’ Party and it was always dubbed as corrupt, but people of Pakistan have rejected these fake allegations and brought their party to power with better mandate, Bokhari maintained, adding that under a worst conspiracy Peoples’ Party mandate was stolen in 2013 general¬† elections.

He said Peoples’ Party is only party, whose leadership sacrificed their lives for the sake of democracy in Pakistan, to change the life of poor people and to put Pakistan on the path of development and prosperity. He termed recent address of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as tremendous saying Bilawal has make the memories of his grandfather and mother alive.

Dialogue with terrorists is a drama and an attempt to divert attention of masses from real issues, he said, adding dialogue would be held with those who accept the Constitution of Pakistan.

He said PPP Britain will continue to play its role under the leadership of Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari and Chairman Bilawal. “We reaffirm the pledge to continue our struggle to making Pakistan a real strength in the world”.

The founding father of PPP Britain Sardar Abdul Rehman said in past no torture and negative tactics cannot force the worker of PPP to leave party and now it is more strong party and continues its journey for people of Pakistan.

Addressing the function Abrar Mir, Deputy Secretary General conducted the function and highlighted the party programme.

The function was addressed by senior PPP leader Khadim Hussain, Raja Amjid, Suhail Wafa, Meharban Malik, Ashfaq Raja, Chaudhry Arif Kervi, Chaudhry Wajid Barki, Chaudhry Amin, Mian Mehmood Saleem, Chaudhry Muhammad Saleem and Chaudhry Abdul Qayyum.

PPP leaders Raja Muhammad Javed, Abu Zar Adil, Raja Muhammad Azam, Masood Ahmed Rana, Haroon Azam, Chaudhry Rizwan, Raja Muhammad Azam of Luton,  and others also paid glowing tributes to Benazir Bhutto.