Nation needs Politicians of strong character : Raja Naseer MLA

LUTON: Politician should have strong character and keep principle at highest level, as a strong charactered politician is getting public support and always remaining on high esteem among people, said Raja Naseer Khan, MLA of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) in AJK Assembly.
“I have made principled stance my article of faith and always served my people without any discrimination, this is why I am being considered winner in my constituency Sehansa 3”, Raja Naseer said while addressing a reception hosted by PML-N Britain.
People, workers and leaders from London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Watford, Boltan and many other cities participated in the function.
Raja Naseer Khan in his address said there are so many leaders in politics while workers are very few. This is why politicians are being defamed.
Raja Zubair Iqbal Kayani, President PML-N Britain AJK in his presidential address said that Raja Naseer Khan is a politician who always kept principles very high.
Former Deputy Mayor of Luton and host, Councillor Chaudhry Muhammad Ayub said Raja Naseer has worked in his constituency without any discrimination and this is the reason that people of his area love him and like him.
Former Overseas MLA Raja Munshi Khan lauded the efforts of Raja Naseer as MLA and as a peoples representative saying that he has always supported Raja Naseer and in future this support remain continue.
Lord Mayor Sheffield, Raja Qurban talked about organizational matters of PML-N saying that if senior leadership of the party resolve matters by bringing workers or junior cadres close, it will not only eradicate the misunderstandings but also will make party strong.
Raja Iftikhar Kathiarvi and Master Nisar jointly conducted the function. For making the function a success, President PML-N Luton Raja Zarob Khan, PML-N leader Raja Nawaz Khan, Tausef Kayani of Tehreek e Kashmir, PML-N Britain Vice President Chaudhry Jahangir Samahni and many other leaders worked hard.

Master Muhammad Rafiq, Tauqer Mirza, Amjid Farooq, Raja Haq Nawaz Janbaz, Raja Arshad Ghazi, and others in their address have praised the principled politics of Raja Naseer.