Person with good deeds get reward hereafter: Peer Naushahi

OLDHAM (Greater Manchester): The personality of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH is great source of blessings and satisfaction for every human being in this world, as Holy Prophet PBUH whole life preaches oneness of Allah, truth, love, tolerance and peace.

Today safety and security of entire world became subject to unity of Muslims living on this planet to eradicate the war of civil war like situation prevailing in the world, said Peer Syed Maroof Hussain Shah Naushahi while addressing a function of Eid Miladun Nabi at Green Gate Masjid Oldham.

The function was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Bilal and Qari Abdul Shakoor conducted the function. Haji Muhammad Arif presented Saiful Malook, while President of Masjid Committee Haji Meharban and trustee Raja Aftab Sharif presented the welcome note and welcomed the participants. The function was attended by people from every nook and corner of the country.

Peer Naushahi while addressing the participants said Holy Prophet PBUH came a blessing for whole humanity and with welfare and peace for humanity and present day restlessness can be removed by implementing on teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH.

“It is biggest tragedy that in spite of implementing on teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH Muslims have indulged in making tall claims as whole life of Holy Prophet PBUH was practical and not making claims but implementing what He said”, he said.

Holy Prophet PBUH had no parallel in character so if you need success in this world and here-after you have to adopt the character of Holy Prophet (PBUH), he said, adding Muslims have to make the qualities they find in Holy Prophet, if they want peace and prosperity of humanity.

He said only person who did good deeds in this world can deserve better stage here-after.