People who love Holy Prophet cannot be extremists: Pir Gilani

LONDON: Islam has no link with terrorism and extremism as Islam always preaches peace, love, brotherhood and co-existence. It always teaches its followers to respect people of other religions and work for welfare and prosperity of humanity.

These were the unanimous views of Ulema and other speakers during the Eid Miladun Nabi PBUH celebrations held at Walthamstow. Darul Ulom Qadriya Jeelania Walthamstow and International Muslim Movement hold Eid Miladun Nabi celebrations at Muslim Majority area of East London, Walthamstow and a Milad procession was taken out on roads and streets of the area.

The Milad procession was led by Peer Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani while among other participants were Peer Muzamil Shah Jamati, Prof Ahmed Hassan Tirmizi, Allama Zafar Qazi, Abdul Aziz Chishti, Lord Mayor of Walthamstow Nadeem Ali, former Lord Mayor Liaqat Ali, Chairman British Muslim Friends of Labor Chaudhry Shaukat Ali, besides Councilors of Borough Council and other political and social activists. Sahibzada Mazhar Hussain Shah supervised the arrangements while Sabir Hussain Shah assisted him.

The Holy Prophet PBUH was brought to this world to eradicate the darkness, illiteracy and suppression and He lit the candle of Islam to remove this darkness which was overshadowed the world at that time, they said, adding the Holy Prophet PBUH was brought to remove discrimination of color, cast, and creed among human beings.

They said by following the ‘Seerat un Nabi’ the lifestyle of Holy Prophet PBUH Muslims can achieve their lost glory in this world.

They said the differences in Muslim Ummah are increasing and the gap is widening among Muslims. By remaining firm on teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH this gap could be filled and complete unity will emerge in while Ummah.

They expressed satisfaction over increasing the participation of Muslims in the Milad processions in Europe and Britain