People who left Quran and enter in terrorism are not Ahle-Sunnah: SIC

BIRMINGHAM: To eliminate terrorism, extremism and other menaces from Pakistan all institutions, religious and political parties need to struggle jointly and need to reaffirm pledge to protect the only nuclear power of Muslim world from internal and external conspiracies.
These were the views of Ulema during a special meeting invited by Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) Britain and Europe, which was held at Jamia Masjid, Mehar Millat Center Birmingham.
The meeting was presided over by Chairman SIC Mehar Almilat Sahibzada Peer Munawar Hussain Jamati, while it was conducted by Allama Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti Secretary General SIC.
The Ulema condemned the Rawalpindi incident and said that it is unfortunate that people involved in terrorism and extremism are claiming to be hailing from Ahle Sunnah. Some opportunists have snatched Quran from their hands and handed gun in their hands and put them on the path of terrorism, death and destruction to malign the face of Islam.
Pakistan was attained by Ulema and Mashaikh of Ahle Sunnah under the leadership of Quaid e Azam by rendering sacrifices of lakhs of precious lives and today his true followers are firm to continue this mission and take Pakistan to new horizons, they said.
They said Islam was spread in Pakistan through education institutions established by Sofia Kiram and these institutions and shrines are serving Islam.
The Ulema has expressed their happiness over GSP Plus status awarded to Pakistan by European Union saying this has not only added in the prestige but will also help strength the economy of Pakistan as Pakistani products would be exported to 28 European countries without any duty.
They paid glowing tributes to Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar and Dr Sajjad Karim, Member European Parliament for their efforts to attain GSP Plus for Pakistan.
SIC for reorganization and making the organization more active and effective have formed a committee to include Ulema from all over Britain in its Majlis e Shour (Advisory Council),which includes Allama Prof Syed Ahmed Tirmizi, Allama Hafiz Fazal Ahmed Qadri, Allaha Hafeez ur Rehman Chishti, Allaha Sahibzada Muhammad Rafiq Chishti, Allama Hafiz Muhammad Farooq Chishti, Sahibzada Dr Haseeb Naqashbandi, Sahibzada Barkat Ahmed Chishti, Sahibzada Muhammad Imrani Abdali, Allama Qari Wajid.
Chairman SIC, Peer Munawar Hussain, Secretary GeneralAllama Qazi Abdul Aziz, Chishti, Secretary Information Moulana Bostan Qadri, SahibzadaMuhamamd Zafarullah, Allama Hafiz Inayat Ali, Allama Abdul Razaq, SahibzadaMuzamil Hussain, Allama Misbahul Mulk Naqshbandi and allama Rasul Bakhsh Saeedi will continue to serve the SIC.
All the participants of meeting have agreed to meet the ulema in Britain and inform them about the organization set up and activities to take them in the organizational ranks.