People protest on establishment of Indian Visa Section

BIRMINGHAM: People in Edgbaston have protested over shifting of Indian Visa Section in residential areas and urged the government to shift the visa section far away from their houses.
Government should take serious note of shifting of Indian visa section which is creating nuisance for people, they said.
It is pertinent to note that on Vikraj Road Edgbeston where a house costs over one lioon pounds and where no vendor or ice-cream is not making any music, but the visa section has created problem for people living in this area.
People said that Indian visa section is stamping over 300 visas a day and people coming in the morning to deposit their forms and get them back afternoon. People are urinating here and there and are throwing papers, canes and other material which has caused hygienic problems in the area.
They siad that they will go to court to save the area and legal experts are being consulted in this regard so that legal action will be taken against the owner of Visa Company.
A resident of Edgbaston Andy Martins was of the view that parking on the area is sufficient for cars of residents, but visa office has caused parking problems and locals are being forced to park their cars far away. He said that people coming for visa are parking their cars on private drive ways and even on ramps of disable people.