Party fund be audited as directed by Chairman: PTI UK

LONDON: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Britain leaders have expressed their dismay and concern on not auditing party funds coming within and outside Pakistan.

It is sad the party funds were not being audited as directed by Party Chairman Imran Khan to maintain transparency and accountability, said PTI Britain leaders including Dr Fauzia Sadiq, Dr Naveed Farooq, Imran Aslam, Adnan Khatak, Syed Mir Ikram and other party leaders and workers. The PTI leaders hold a meeting at residence of Dr Naveed Farooq.

They said this practices has shacked the party membership and democratic mindset in PTI.

They rejected the recent orders of Overseas International Committee in which democratic attitude for elections in overseas committees was not adopted to attain results of their choice.

They asked Secretary General Jahangir Tareen to summon a general body meeting of PTI Britain which would hold in length debate on changes in party election and voting would be held to know the actual opinion of workers. The victory of a person on the basis of penal should not be declared the victory of panel, but victory of all the nominated candidates be made necessary, they demanded.

“If this system was not adopted honest, dedicated and hard-working people would not succeed to serve party and country while dishonest and cunning people would rule the party”, they maintained.

They demanded to allow everyone to take part in coming intra-party elections.

They said when a party worker particularly woman are raising voice for implementation of party manifesto and principles, the voice is being crushed or ignored and they are not informed the visit of top party leadership to Britain. “This attitude is intolerable and cause huge dent to party image”, they added.