Pakistani rulers using energies on wrong issues: Afzal Saeedi

LONDON: President Minhajul Quran Britain, Ash Sheikh Muhammad Afzal Saeedi has said people of Pakistan have been caught in multi-faceted problems and are facing untoward situation due to price hike, unemployment and worsening law and order situation.

“It is moral obligation that overseas community should come forward the help people in Pakistan by throwing the corrupt rulers out from power”, Afzal Saeedi said after coming from a six week Pakistani tour.

He said corrupt mafia running the affairs in Pakistan have deprived people of their right to live with honor and dignity and have also deprived them from basic rights. In spite of utilizing their energies to provide basic amenities to people, Pakistan rulers are using their energies on non-issues, he added.

Shortage of electricity and gas has literally thrown the country into stone age, he said, adding rulers who were claiming to make country Asian Tiger have taken country to moon where no power, no gas and no other facility.

He said Pakistan is facing worst law and order situation and killings, robberies and loot are making fun of government and judicial system.