Pakistani nukes at par with IAEA parameters, BBC report baseless: FO

LONDON: Pakistan has rejected the notion of BBC’s report regarding Saudi Arabian investment in country’s nuclear programme, saying that Pakistan’s nuclear programme is indigenious.
In a statement issued by Pakistan High commission (PHC) London on behalf of Foreign Office Spokesman said that all the reports regarding the involvement of Saudi Arabia in nuclear programme are baseless and concocted.
BBC’s in its programme News Night has telecasted from different sources stating that on the basis of its investment, Saudi Arabia can attain nuclear arms from Pakistan.
The Foreign Office Spokesman said that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state, its command and control system is strong and its export control programme is compact and comprehensive. He said that Pakistanis nuclear programme is in accordance with the parameters of safety laid down by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
It is pertinent to note that in News Night BBC’s Defence Editor Mark Urban mentioned his meeting with a NATO official who informed the Editor that he (NATO official) got access to a report stating that nuclear weapons prepared for Saudi Arabia are ready for delivery. Urban also gave reference of Israeli Intelligence Chief Baldon’s press conference which he addressed in Sweden, in which he stated that if Iran attain the nuclear weapons then Saudis will not wait for one month as they have already paid money for bomb. They can go Pakistan and whatever they like can purchase.
Meanwhile the US President’s Advisor on combating nuclear proliferation Gary Samor has already rejected this idea.