Pakistani, Kashmiri traders affected by flood, rainfall

GREATER MANCHESTER: The rainfall followed by devastating floods in Britain for last few weeks has caused destruction and fast blowing winds have disturbed the traffic system, which has badly affected the traders and caused huge loss to country’s economy.

Talking to Kashmir Link London, Chaudhry Mehfooz, owner of MOJ’s Super Market in Manchester Stock Port area said he is doing business for many years but have not seen such worst weather. Customers are not coming out due to worst weather, which is damaging the business and business community is badly suffering, he added.

Renowned businessman from Luton Beath Manchester, Chaudhry Shabir Ahmed said besides damaging the business fast blowing wind has cause damages to building and if building damaged the insurance premium with rise, as car insurance in Greater Manchester is very high as compare to other areas.

The owner of Raja’s Pizza in Oldham historical street union, Mehmood Ashraf Chaudhry said recently the tram service was opened and business community was happy that it would increase the business, but the worsening weather condition has badly damaged the business. “We are helpless before the order of Allah Almighty”, he added.

The veteran taxi driver of Oldham Village Car Taxi Stand Hafizur Rehman said in past whenever weather turned bad the business of taxi was increasing and now it is quite different. He said this situation is worst for taxi owners and drivers as it will cause starvation in the families.

The council should take immediate step and announce a concessional package for affected taxi drivers, he demanded.

Raja Sagheer Hussain, owner of Three-Chef take away in Shaw area of Rochdale said the worst weather has cause huge loss to his business. Two vehicles were damaged in accident while three staffers are not coming due to bad weather and it is making difficult to run the business.