Pakistan seeks loyalty from overseas media: PHC

LONDON: Pakistan High Commission London and its sub missions round the Britain are busy in serving the overseas Pakistani while people talking about insufficient facilities must look towards other countries, said Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Pakistan High Commissioner and Deputy High Commissioner Imran Mirza while talking to a delegation of UK-Pakistan Press Club.

The delegation led by President Fayaz Ghafoor from ARY, while other members were Senior Vice President Mobeen Chaudhry from Kashmir Link London, Vice President Shaukat Dar from Samaa TV, General Secretary Azhar Javed from Dunya TV, Naseem Siddiqi from Express TV and A Haq from UK Times and other members of press club were also present.

Press Attaché Muneer Ahmed was also present during the briefing given to journalists.

In spite of these negative talks PHC is busy in streamlining the system and improving the facilities for overseas Pakistanis, Wajid Shamsul Hassan said.

He said at a time when Pakistan is already facing worst problems media should have to show responsibility and patriotic approach. Few days back a media group has published a fake story claiming that nothing is being done in PHC London, which was a baseless story as daily visas are processed and NICOP forms are being received and processed. Such stories are causing huge dent to country’s image, he added.

“We are not claiming ourselves as angels and there is room of mistakes from us, but it does not mean to publish such stories in spite of informing concerned people”, he said, adding the concerned people should be informed so that the efforts would be made to remove the mistake.

He dispelled the impression of abolishing the prayer place saying the PHC was informed by London Police the space backside to building is dangerous and there are chances of disruptive act which could cause life loss. If any disruptive act would have caused life losses besides defame Islam and Pakistan, he said.

He said the place was removed keeping in view avoiding any disruptive activity while there is no space for namaz for visitors, as PHC staffers are also offering prayers. It is unfortunate the people having no link with religion are making such issues.

Imran Mirza, Deputy High Commissioner said it is unfortunate the people who are causing dent to country’s image are getting value in the eyes of masses. “How pathetic is that the person who aired this story was sitting with me and after leaving he aired the story which had no reality”, Mirza said.

The media delegation was taken to visit the different departments of the PHC and was told about the service the PHC is providing to visitors.

Media was told the Pakistanis have a complaint that without visiting PHC information cannot be obtained while the website of the PHC is providing all necessary information to people. The PHC has sought more telephone lines to address this problem.

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