Pakistan participates in CCL fundraising fair

LONDON: The Commonwealth Countries League (CCL) organised the annual Commonwealth Fair in association with the spouses of the Commonwealth High Commissioners and affiliated organisations to raise funds for its charitable arm, the CCL Education Fund, and administers an alumnae association bringing together those sponsored by the fund over the last 40 years with those currently sponsored.
The CCL organizes an exhibition at Kensington Town Hall,  Hornton Street, London and spouses of High Commissioners of member countries opened stalls to put clothes, food etc for sale for fundraising.
Pakistan High Commissioner and APWA UK formed stalls of Pakistani clothes and food under the supervision of Begum Zarina Wajid Shamsul Hassan, who is also chairperson of APWA UK.
Pakistan foods and clothes are being liked by participants and visitors of the exhibition and like every year this year these products were praised.
Lord Mayor of London also visited the exhibition and he praised Pakistan food and products which were put on sale.Pakistan High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Deputy High Commissioner Imran Mirza also visited the exhibition and they went to PHC stalls besides other stalls. Wajid Shamsul Hassan gave a Pakistan rug as donation for reffle prize
The spouses of Pakistan High Commission including Zarina Shamsul Hassan, Aesha Imran Mirza, Sadia Mushtaq, Madiha Shahzeb, Farida Khalid, Dr Rubnia Rahat Pasha, Nasira Anjum, Natasha Zulfiqar, Huma Liaqat,  and Shaista Beigh took part in establishment of stall in the exhibition.
Naghma Butt provide support for stall. APWA UK Secretary General Shahida Khan and Press Secretary Qamar Qureshi remained active on stalls.
The CCL’s charitable arm is the CCL Education Fund which sponsors bright needy girls to give them equal opportunities for secondary/high school education in their own countries. over 3000 girls from challenging backgrounds, have been supported in this way. Their progress is closely monitored and their success stories are heart warming.
The philosophy behind the CCL’s work is that educated girls with a highly developed sense of responsibility are more likely to provide a better future for themselves as well as for their communities. Sponsorship has enabled our girls to enter many professions. The scheme enables girls, who have academic potential but whose parents or guardians cannot support them financially, to continue their secondary education in their own Commonwealth country. Even where secondary education is free help may be needed with providing school uniform or writing materials, transport costs, tuition and examination fees and incidental expenses.
CCL was formed in 1929 by its founder Else Beming and it is working for many cuases but top most among them is to promote the education and advancement of women throughout the Commonwealth as a contributory factor in the alleviation of world poverty.