Pakistan improves its position in Anti Corruption efforts: TI

LONDON: People were trying to forget the remarks made by British Attorney General against British Pakistanis followed by his apology, the report of Transparency International for 2013 has given new thrill to the situation, which states that Pakistan has shown improvement in its anti-corruption efforts and stands at 127 number with 28 points among 177 countries.
According to report 2013, Denmark and New Zealand are least corrupt countries with 91 points while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are on lowest ebb with 8 points with worst countries for corruption.
It is worth mentioning here that Transparency International is a watchdog against corruption and by using different para-meters, it is publishing reports stating that which country is standing where as far corruption is concerned.
Transparency International released a list of 177 countries regarding their level of corruption in which Pakistan is standing at 127th position with 28 points, while rival country India is standing at 94th position with 36 points.
According to Transparency International report during last one year Pakistan took measures to curtail corruption, which has improved its position in the community of nations, while India has not shown any improvement during last one year and is standing on previous position.
It should be taken into consideration that there is majority of people from India and Pakistan in Britain, as according to estimates there are 1.8 to 2 million Indians and 1.4 to 1.5 million Pakistanis.
British Chapter of Transparency International has said that the remarks made by British Attorney General regarding corruption in expatriates has no link with Transparency International, but it is very important that gifts coming from their native countries is an element of corruption.
According to report misuse of power and hidden bargain and kick-backs is tantamount to destroy the society. The report states that Sri Lanka with having 31 points and 91st position was better than Indian.
Chairman of Transparency International said during the concept paper of report 2013 it came into light that all over world there is possibility of corruption is in giving local permission to legislation. The countries shown improvement in eradication of corruption have very few European countries, which countries where corruption has shown upward trends include Australia, Spain and Iceland.

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